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About Andaaz by Jyoti Dhawan

Andaaz by Jyoti Dhawan exemplifies the spirit of the modern woman rooted in the simplicity of her culture. The brainchild of Jyoti Dhawan, the clothing is an extension of her design aesthetic and fabric sensibility. The brand is a unique mix of design and craftsmanship making its mark on subtle sophistication. With clothes that are made with utmost attention to fit, fabric and detail, they speak of handcrafted simplicity with contemporary design.

We are what our craftspeople from around the country make us - a magical story, crafted by hand. All our garments are made with the finest handwoven cotton, silk and chanderi fabrics sourced from around the country. Each garment is hand tailored with details of fabric manipulation or subtle embellishments often with techniques that are true to Indian craft such as Bandhani, Chikankari and Mukaish.

At Andaaz by Jyoti Dhawan, we believe that simplicity speaks volumes. We have embodied a minimal yet intricate way of living with our clothing, built by and for the modern woman.